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Clear One Debt Relief Launches Innovative Question & Answer Feature on

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

ClearOne's new tool provides a question & answer database for consumers.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- ClearOne Debt Relief, a foremost debt settlement company focusing on superior product knowledge and customer service while offering the leading options in debt management, debt settlement, and debt resolution, announces that is has launched a new Question & Answers Knowledge Base section of their website at

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"We strive to educate our customers as the Debt Settlement industry is fairly young. Our website has the ability to answer any questions a customer may have about Debt Settlement. This addition to our website allows customers to search for questions they may have and even submit questions not found on the site. Our customer service team responds immediately and our customer's benefit," said Tomas Gordon, CEO.

"Because there are so many confusing options for consumers on handling their debt, we realize that doing research and becoming educated on how debt settlement works is a must" explains Gordon. He continues by saying, "ClearOne Debt Relief strives to provide service of the highest standards, and to ensure the public and credit industry's confidence in our products and company. Educated consumers are happy consumers, so we like to provide a clear path for them."

ClearOne's Knowledge Base is broken into three main Categories:
How it Works
About ClearOne Debt Relief
Other Debt Options

The Knowledge Base allows questions to be asked anonymously, and a debt professional can then reply to customer concerns.

About ClearOne Debt Relief is a full-service debt management company providing debt settlement services such as credit card debt relief to hundreds of thousands of customers. Through superior product knowledge and attentive customer service, ClearOne offers the leading options in debt management. We recognize that each individual client has individual financial needs, and we work with each person to specifically tailor a program to meet those needs.

ClearOne was incorporated as a privately held company in 2006; all of its shares are currently held by officers and employees. ClearOne Debt Relief is headquartered in Columbia, MD.


Finance Globe Helps Match Credit Cards with Applicants in Tightening U.S. Economy

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Free credit card tools designed to improve the chance of getting approved for the most competitive credit cards are now being offered by Finance Globe to help ease the current credit burden in the United States

(PRWEB) May 28, 2008 – As the U.S. economy experiences a credit crunch, it is important for consumers to improve their credit scores and shop around for the best credit cards available. Finance Globe is pleased to offer credit card tools that can save consumers time and money when searching for new credit cards.

Finance Globe Credit Cards
Finance Globe Credit Cards

“It is important that consumers select a credit card which is best suited for them and their needs,” said Heather Yanda, spokesperson of Finance Globe. “With the current credit crisis in the United States, families are beginning to feel the pinch, and now, more than ever, it is important to shop around for a credit card that can save you money on interest and fees.”

Finance Globe offers tools to help consumers select the ideal credit card. The company’s Credit Card Application Status Program tool allows credit card applicants to post the decision made from a credit card offer. This allows someone with a similar credit card history and credit score to see what credit card companies are offering without making unnecessary credit inquiries, which may adversely affect their credit score.

Finance Globe also offers a Credit Card Reviews tool, which allows consumers to compare their credit card experiences with other people. This information can help consumers understand the features of specific credit cards, while comparing costs.

In addition, Finance Globe also offers additional tools to help consumers select the “right” credit card in a stiff U.S. economy.

About Finance Globe
Finance Globe offers a public database of credit cards as well as financial tools and services. This data is available free of charge. For more information about how Finance Globe can help improve your credit score, please visit

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Expert Women’s Panel Puts Chicago on the Map

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Lobbying Washington surfaces at S.USA’s Chicago Women’s Financial Roundtable as leading women discussed business, finances, and how to educate and empower women in the midst of challenging times.

Chicago, IL (Vocus/PRWEB ) May 29, 2008 -- S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc., a leading financial services provider committed to the financial education of women nationwide, held its first Chicago Women’s Financial Empowerment Roundtable, Tuesday, May 21, 2008. The event, held at the Palmer House Hilton, was open to women of all backgrounds and took place in a non-traditional, conversational and educational forum. An expert panel addressed topics related to women and the importance of financial planning and security.

(S.USA Women's Financial Empowerment Roundtable Panelists, standing left to right) Deane Brown, Emilia DiMenco, Anne Ladky, Vikki Pryor, Cristina Benitez, Lindsay Tilchen Johnson, Marian Carrington
(S.USA Women's Financial Empowerment Roundtable Panelists, standing left to right) Deane Brown, Emilia DiMenco, Anne Ladky, Vikki Pryor, Cristina Benitez, Lindsay Tilchen Johnson, Marian Carrington

“The information and messages were informative, powerful, and clear - you can take control of your financial life, build for your future, and realize your power. And, you must start today,” said S.USA President and CEO Vikki Pryor.

Lindsay Tilchen Johnson, Vice President, Tilchen Corporation, stressed the importance of having a financial plan. “Feel empowered to take control of your finances and your career,” said Tilchen Johnson. “And, remember, you don’t have to be a millionaire to become a multi-millionaire.” Attorney Deane Brown, partner with Beermann Swerdlove, LLP, reinforced Tilchen Johnson’s point on the importance of having a financial plan. She touched on the sensitive topic of women distributing their wealth and possessions after death and urged every woman present to have a will drawn up immediately.

An Executive Vice President with Harris Bank, Emilia DiMenco spoke on the topic of money and banking. “The greatest issue of concern in our society today is financial education,” said DiMenco. “You must seek the channels, the experts, and the information to educate yourself because education brings empowerment.” She told the audience that they must develop a relationship with a banker, be informed, plan, and pursue promotions and services. She assured participants that in doing so they would learn to control their finances so that their finances don’t control them.

With respect to the job market, Marian Carrington, Principal at executive search firm Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. encouraged audience participants to be proactive. “Contact potential employers, explore the market, and be prepared,” said Carrington. “Be ready should you get the tap; have a plan, and consult an expert.” Cristina Benitez, president of Lazos Latinos and author, Latinization…How Latino Culture is Transforming the U.S., talked of the challenges of starting a woman-owned business. Benitez spoke of the need to believe; in oneself and one’s passion, and called for each woman participating to be authentic. Said Benitez, “You must use your top three resources if you are to succeed in starting your business. Every woman, because she is innate in having the distinction of being a woman, is her own top resource.” She went on to say that it is imperative that women should find and affiliate themselves with a reputable network of executive women and take advantage of a women’s development center.

Anne Ladky, executive director of Women Employed, challenged the audience to get involved in their communities and local and national governments. “We have solved issues that weren’t even named 35 years ago; women are a force like never before, and we must make certain we are heard,” said Ladky. “When asked for her final word Ladky said, “Do something; anything! Talk to people, vote and get your friends to vote.”

The Roundtable committed to reconvene May 19, 2009 and is considering assembling a group of women leaders to lobby Washington on behalf of women regarding financial empowerment. In closing the panel made two conclusions. The financial advancement of women is a compelling topic which must be addressed, and women in the Chicago community can have an impact on and be the voice for women across the country.


S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. is a subsidiary of SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company, Inc. SBLI USA and its subsidiaries are licensed in 49 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. With more than $15.9 billion of insurance in force, $1.5 billion in assets, $129 million in surplus capital, 200 associates and over 300,000 policyholders, the company is committed to offering affordable, flexible and easy-to-access products through a variety of integrated channels, including direct mail, telemarketing, a bilingual Web site, licensed agents, and walk-in Customer Centers.

SBLI USA prides itself in its diverse workforce, which extends from the mailroom to the boardroom. The Company is comprised of 58% women with 48% in management roles and 37% in officer roles. Further, 45% of its Board of Directors is women.

SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company, Inc. is the parent company to SBLI USA Holdings, Inc., which owns subsidiary companies S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc., and SBLI USA Diversified Services Company, Inc. To learn more please visit

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