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Home and Bedroom and 5 Minutes for Mom Begin “Win a New Children’s Bedroom Set” Photo Contest

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Home and Bedroom and 5 Minutes for Mom are sponsoring a "Win a New Bedroom Set for Your Sleeping Angel" photo contest. Parents, get your cameras ready. An angelic photo of your little ones could have them sleeping like innocent cherubs every night.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 1, 2008 -- Home and Bedroom, a leader in online discount bedroom furniture, and 5 Minutes for Mom, a top rated Moms Blog, are giving parents an opportunity to win a Free Children's Bedroom Set with a photo contest. Parents can win by submitting their photos that show just how angelic their little ones look when they are sleeping.

They may not always act like angels, but kids sure look like angels when they're sleeping. The "Win a New Bedroom Set for Your Sleeping Angel" giveaway runs until the end of the month. The parents who submit the winning photograph, as judged by the 5 Minutes for Mom readership, will walk away with their choice of one of two South Shore Furniture Bedroom Sets (valued at approximately $720). Parents who would like to check out the South Shore bedroom sets that are up for grabs can do so online at Home and Bedroom's Blog. Contest rules can be found at 5 Minutes for Mom.

"The rules of the photo contest are simple," says Home and Bedroom spokesman Ben Weissman. "The contest will start on September 30th when entrants can begin posting their photos of their sleeping little ones on their own blog with a link back to the contest and a link to Home and Bedroom. They then leave a comment with their photo's URL on the 5 Minutes for Mom blog. The submission period will last for two weeks from now until October 13th. On October 15th, the finalists will be posted on 5 Minutes for Mom and their readers will be given until 3 PM, October 29th to vote for the winner."

On the evening of October 29th the winner will be posted on both the 5 Minutes for Mom and Home and Bedroom Blogs and the prizes awarded. The photographer of the picture that receives the most votes will be entitled to a choice of one of two South Shore Furniture Kids Bedroom Sets: the Lily Rose or Summer Breeze Bookcase Bedroom Set complete with bed, bookcase headboard, dresser and nightstand.

Dedicated to offering beautiful furniture at affordable prices and always looking to help families get the most for their furniture dollars, Home and Bedroom prides itself on providing it's customers with the highest quality furniture at affordable prices. They carry Kids Bedroom Furniture by manufacturers such as Fashion Bed Group, Hillsdale Furniture, Prepac and South Shore Furniture. Home and Bedroom strives to give each of its purchasers the personalized attention they would receive if they were the only customer.

5 Minutes for Mom has earned a mention in the "Wall Street Journal" as one of the top parenting blogs. The blog's mission is to provide Mothers with an essential go-to site where they can find the best in blogging, shopping, parenting and entertainment online. In 2006, 5 Minutes for Mom was one of the first mom blogs to expand online product reviews into comment-generated giveaways. Today, the popularity of such contests has propelled the site to the top of the blogosphere. It's no wonder that Home and Bedroom decided to join forces with 5 Minutes for Mom to collaborate on the "Win a New Childs Bedroom Set for Your Sleeping Angels" contest.

Established in 1940, South Shore Furniture is a recognized leader in North American furniture manufacturing. The design and construction of its furniture centers on the functionality, design and pricing needs expressed by consumers and vendors in today's North American market. The company's reputation for providing today's families with quality and excellent craftsmanship at affordable prices perfectly aligns with both Home and Bedroom and 5 Minutes for Mom's missions.

You can see the full line of South Shore Furniture and other great manufacturers by visiting Home and Bedroom online at


Self-Directed IRA Investors Stay the Course Despite Volatile Market

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

In a sampling of self-directed IRA holders, Guidant Financial Group discovered that 86% had not made any major changes to their investment portfolios due to the current mortgage crisis.

Bellevue, WA (Vocus/PRWEB ) September 30, 2008 -- In a sampling of self-directed IRA holders, Guidant Financial Group discovered that 86% had not made any major changes to their investment portfolios due to the current mortgage crisis. The majority of survey respondents, all users of Guidant's self-directed IRA with checkbook control, indicated they were involved in long-term investing and broad diversification of assets.

"On the surface, this percentage seems unusually high, especially in light of the floundering housing market," says Guidant's CEO David Nilssen, who points out that many of Guidant's clients are still investing their IRA funds in real estate. "However, we've seen that those who roll funds into a self-directed IRA are particularly cautious investors seeking ways to lessen risk."

According to Nilssen, Guidant's clients can use the company's self-directed IRA vehicle to invest their retirement funds into both traditional and non-traditional assets, and this ability to diversify their portfolio has helped them avoid the downside of volatile securities and housing markets.

"Many of these account holders had already diversified their investments in order to avoid the dangers of betting all their money on one 'horse,' says Nilssen. "So when the housing bust hit, they were already in pretty secure positions, especially since their real estate assets were primarily long-term investments."

About Guidant Financial Group

Guidant Financial Group is the premier provider of self-directed IRAs and business-funding solutions through IRAs and 401(k)s. Guidant's services allow investors the freedom to make investments in real estate, franchises, businesses, tax liens and more by accessing their retirement accounts without penalty before retirement age. For more information on Self-directed IRAs or Small Business Financing please visit

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When Will the FSA Stop Barking and Start Biting?

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

If the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is incapable of creating a fair, transparent and effective payment protection insurance (PPI) market, then those responsible for the failure should be put out to pasture, says Burgesses Limited.

Braintree, Essex (PRWEB) October 1, 2008 -- If the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is incapable of creating a fair, transparent and effective payment protection insurance (PPI) market, then those responsible for the failure should be put out to pasture.

Sara-Ann Burgess, MD Burgesses
Sara-Ann Burgess, MD Burgesses

Again, consumer watchdog Which? has been forced into demanding action is taken over the shockingly poor performance of firms in the PPI market. However despite the litany of criticism that has rained down on the market, the regulator has done little to root out poor practice and deter future failures.

Sara-Ann Burgess, director of PPI specialist Burgesses, believes many of the failures of this market stem from the regulator's unwillingness to take decisive action.

"It is time the FSA stopped barking and started biting. There have been numerous reports into this market, which have highlighted the areas that need to be improved. If firms selling PPI do not come up to scratch then they should now expect to lose their authority to trade in this area."

Burgess accepted that some firms had been fined, but said the level they had been fined at was not sufficient to clean up the market or the sanctions numerous enough to make others believe they would be caught.

"There has to come a time when we stop slapping the market on the back of the hand and take it firmly by the scruff of the neck. The FSA's approach of trying to cajole firms into compliance has spectacularly failed and it is the thousands of consumers who have been mis-sold policies that lose out."

Burgess said Which? was right to call for firms found wanting to review their entire book of business and for better information to be available to consumers. However she added: "How many times can the FSA listen to such demands and simply carry on as before? Consumers are losing out because the FSA has shown itself incapable and unwilling of acting decisively in this market."

When providers such as British Insurance can sell policies, which are more flexible and have better benefits for half the price of those still being sold by high street providers, Burgess said the regulator needed to take stock of the situation.

"There is a huge discrepancy between the best and the worst PPI sellers in this market and we need to close the gap and make sure consumers get the insurance they need. The FSA could regulate the products sold, take a much harder line on those found wanting, or stop credit providers selling only their own protection insurance. It has been offered numerous options but has refused to really put its weight behind any of them."

The longer the regulator allows the problems in the PPI market to continue, the more consumers will be negatively affected and the more difficult it will become to really deal with them.

"The FSA needs to find the appetite for this work and quickly," said Burgess. "If the people overseeing the protection market are incapable of doing it properly, then it is time for them to move on. Those firms doing a good job in the market are being let down by the regulator, while consumers continue to get a raw deal because the FSA will not come down as hard as it could and should in this area."