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One ID Pro Blog Delivers Increased Awareness Concerning the Growing Risk of Identity Theft

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Designed to deliver useful information, such as prevention tips, facts and statistics, in a non-intrusive way - One ID Pro Blog provides critical knowledge and increased awareness regarding the true risks of identity theft. One ID Pro Blog provides the foundational knowledge for protecting an individual or family from the significant consequences of identity theft.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 26, 2008 -- Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC. launched the One ID Pro Blog to increase awareness of the true nature and general risks associated with identity theft. Many Americans don't understand or severely underestimate their risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. One ID Pro Blog delivers useful tips, facts and statistics in a non-intrusive way - providing a free, continually updated educational resource about identity theft.

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Authored by industry experts, the posts on One ID Pro Blog leverage strengths, developed in the delivery of identity theft protection, to provide free resources such as education and insight as to the various types of identity theft. Other blog posts include prevention tips designed to reduce a person's risk of becoming a victim of identity theft along with recovery tips and news about large data breaches.

"Even though identity theft cannot be fully prevented, we believe that knowledge is power and it's the only way of fighting back. For this very reason One ID Pro Blog was born. There you may learn about everything from how to spot a phishing scam to everyday habits that expose you to the thieves," says Julie Knubley, Blog Author and Manager - Solus Identity Theft Protection.

Additional resources, on the One ID Pro Blog, include links to relevant websites supported by various government agencies. Some of these links deliver free services designed to help consumers by eliminating offers of pre-approved credit or to decrease annoying telephone calls from telemarketers. Both of these steps reduce personal information from being exposed to those that would otherwise seek to use that information for fraudulent purposes.

As "Our Story" indicates - it's helpful to understand the landscape, or environment, as it exists today. With the advent of the global economy - supported by the internet and rapidly growing on-line resources - personal information can flash around the world in a blink of an eye - for both legal and illegal purposes. Identity theft can happen any place, any time. A simple example: increased outsourcing has led to personal information being stored and disseminated to all points around the world - rapid technological change forces the continual updating of these data storage devices and systems which exposes data to increased risk for loss or breach.

Through insightful posts, One ID Pro Blog provides numerous examples of the various types of identity theft - describing how and why thieves steal an identity. Additional educational posts provide tips, tools and resources for protection from the significant risks of identity theft.

"Most people do not know much about identity theft, except that it is a huge problem. With education and awareness we can help you fight back against the fastest growing crime in America. By learning more about identity theft you can greatly reduce your risks and take steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim" says Jason Shafer, Blog Author and Manager - Solus Identity Theft Protection.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, please visit the blog or contact us by phone at (800) 640-0468. Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC, including SOLUS Identity Theft Protection, is wholly owned by Protection Marketing Group, LLC with it's headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Improved Pricing and Profitability Management Key Theme at Global Pricing Optimization Forum This Week

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Financial Services Executives and Experts Agree that Improved Pricing Will Play a Key Role in Fixing the Root Cause of the Banking Crisis and Generating Higher Quality Business Moving Forward

New York and San Bruno, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2008 -- Banking and finance executives concluded a two-day forum on pricing and profitability management in New York City this week. Experts discussed how the turmoil in the financial markets, impending regulatory changes, and changing consumer behavior will impact the pricing of retail credit and deposit products in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The Global Pricing Optimization Forum, hosted by Nomis Solutions, assembled more than 80 pricing experts in the banking and finance industry. Attendees explored how improved pricing and profitability management will impact retail credit and deposit pricing practices and how advanced analytics, innovative technology and best-in-class pricing practices and processes can be used to improve financial performance while providing fair and transparent pricing to consumers.

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John William Snow, chairman of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P and 73rd Secretary of the Treasury, delivered the keynote presentation, "The Impact of Private Equity Investments on Banking & Finance." Along with the Honorable John Snow, presentations by executives from leading banks and finance companies echoed similar themes, including:

1) Pricing is the single-most effective yet under-utilized lever that banking executives have at their disposal to improve business performance tomorrow
2) Pricing optimization helps manage increasing costs of funds and capital market constraints by identifying profit opportunities and "originate to order" portfolios for a severely tightened ABS market
3) Several banks and finance companies reported profitability increases of 8-20% in consumer credit originations through the deployment of pricing optimization technology
4) Mortgage lenders can capitalize on renewal pricing before rate resets in existing mortgage portfolios while effectively balancing the risks of delinquency and refinancing (prepayment)

"In today's challenging times, pricing is one of the few levers that bank and finance executives can pull to immediately improve performance across originations and portfolio management," said Frank Rohde, chief marketing officer and managing director of Nomis Solutions, Europe. "In order to effectively compete and generate high quality assets at appropriate margins, executives are turning to pricing optimization technology. One of the root causes of the current banking crisis is the mis-pricing of assets at the point of origination. Pricing optimization technology allows banks to put in place a rigorous data-driven pricing process that balances risk, profitability, consumer behavior, and market demand. Banks have the opportunity to fix some of the past lending mistakes in their existing portfolios and generate higher quality business going forward."

Financial services industry expert, Bobbie Britting, research director of consumer lending at TowerGroup, commented, "The banking crisis and potential changes in the capital markets will force banks to get back to the basics, which includes gathering deposits and making loans. In both deposits and lending, this boils down to two fundamental questions where pricing and profitability analytics are going to be essential to finding the answers. First, who are the bank's depositors and what should the rate be? Second, who should financial institutions lend to and how much should they charge? Pricing optimization allows banks to manage revenue, profits and risk more effectively across both sides of the business."

More information on pricing and profitability management can be found at

About Nomis Solutions
Nomis Solutions enables best-in-class Pricing and Profitability Management for financial services companies. Through a combination of advanced analytics, innovative technology, and tailored business processes, Nomis Solutions delivers quick time-to-benefit, and improves financial and operational performance throughout the customer acquisition and portfolio management processes.

The company's business solutions include the award-winning Nomis Price Optimizer TM, the Nomis Offer Optimizer TM, and the Customer Portfolio Optimizer TM. These solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of auto finance, home equity lending, personal lending, mortgage, and deposits executives. Select customers include Abbey, AmeriCredit, Chrysler Financial, HBOS plc, Royal Bank of Canada, and Washington Mutual Bank. Headquartered in San Bruno, CA, Nomis Solutions also has offices in London, United Kingdom. Visit or contact us at or 650-588-9800.

Nomis Solutions, the Nomis Price Optimizer, Nomis Offer Optimizer, and the Customer Portfolio Optimizer are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nomis Solutions, in the United States and in other countries. Other product and company names herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.


15 Reasons to Bailout Homeowners Over Banks

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

America, like congress, is split on how or if we should spend a trillion dollars to save our economy. ROOPA presents these 15 reasons to see if we can find a greater degree of common ground between both Republicans and Democrats as well as Wall Street and America's Home Streets. Whether this is taken up as a final proposal is secondary to presenting important considerations overlooked so far in the discussion such as the $500 billion in Wall St. write-offs that will be reactivated by simply refinancing the homeowner.

(PRWEB) September 27, 2008 -- America, like congress, is split on how or if we should spend a trillion dollars to save our economy. ROOPA presents these 15 reasons to see if we can find a greater degree of common ground between both Republicans and Democrats as well as Wall Street and America's Home Streets. Whether this is taken up as a final proposal is secondary to presenting important considerations overlooked so far in the discussion such as the $500 billion in Wall St. write-offs that will be reactivated by simply refinancing the homeowner.

This is sponsored by ROOPA under its Save Our Homes March effort that has been activated specifically for this occasion and headed and footed by Mr. Raghu Giuffre. This will culminate with ROOPA's Sept. 28th Day of Prayer for fellow homeowners with a 12 noon rally at Thompson Square Park in NY City. This occasion will be observed with a fast from food, water and man-made shelter by Mr. Raghu Giuffre in solidarity for America's homeowners.

This will be preceded with a trip this Fri. and Sat. (Sept. 26 and 27) to Washington DC, wherein Mr. Raghu will present this proposal to congress and assembled media. This will be followed by an internet march wherein ROOPA requests that readers 'march' (email) this presentation to 10 of their friends, who in turn also share it with just 10 of their friends along with their local and national media and political leaders. ROOPA's hope is to have a assembled a million notices (sent) to congress and the national media within the next couple/few days.

1) Bailing out homeowners will immediately reinstate up to 80% of the $500 billion already 'written off' by Wall St. as 'toxic loans.'
(Recoup lost value by refinancing homeowners rather than bailing out banks. Gov't puts in $500 billion and instantly gets back $500 billion in new market value. Better return than bank bailout)

2) Double or triple value bailing out homeowners then banks.
(Bailing out homeowners refinances 100% of loan thereby giving banks 100% value on corresponding securities holdings. If securities sold to gov't, only get 30% to 50% of value.)

3) Refinance 5 Loans for same price as one 'toxic loan.'
(Get 5 times greater market reach for the same money)

4) $700 Billion (bailout) can instead be used to refinance $3.5 Trillion in real estate loans. Transform all 'toxic loans' into income producing assets for banks.
($1 trillion bailout will equal $5.5 trillion in refinancing. Gov't recoups up to $200 billion in taxes from sale of properties and their corresponding securities. Fredie, Fanie Mae & AIG and all mortgage holding institutions fully refinanced returning $300 billion in loans made to them by fed. The $500 billion will be fully recouped by gov't. within months over today's bailout proposal which is likely to lose $.)

5) Refinancing owners will stabilize entire real estate market
(Market settled in 60 to 90 days. Bank bailout only makes problem worse by foreclosing on owner)

6) Two market prices: Homeowner (for 80%) vs. Investor (just 20%)
(Sell foreclosure to investor for 80% less or refinance homeowner for just 20% less. Get 60% more $ by refinancing to homeowners over foreclosure.)

7) Higher price (refinancing home owner) keeps lower priced owners in home
(A Higher Price Tier creates equity for Lower Price Tier homes. However, a lower market price creates next wave of foreclosures because no equity left for lower priced homes either. Real estate's Tier Down or Tier Up Pricing Principle discussed in next article)

8) Higher price sets 'Market Bottom' at a higher Pricing Tier
(The 'market bottom' can only be set at the neighborhood level, not Wall St.)

9) 30% to 70% greater monetary return
(taxpayers now own these mortgages so get better returns helping homeowners vs. banks)

10) Properties paid off months or years sooner than foreclosure process
(Many foreclosed properties never resold, so often lose 100% value therefore banks only get 20 cents on the dollar. Refinance homeowner at 20% discount, only lose 20%. We finally know market bottom and find it months or years sooner)

11) Lower monthly mortgage leaves homeowner more likely to pay on other debts & taxes providing equivalent of stimulus package too.
(Refi homeowners with lower mortgages will help other distressed industries like credit cards, student & auto loans, local & state taxes, etc. Great stimulus package, but will lower inflation for it reduces owners debt by 30% while giving them 30% more spending power. Dollar rises, gas & food prices fall.)

12) Foreclosure leaves owner defaulting on all other debts
(Helping homeowner helps all other industries, while losing home owner hurts all other industries. Bailing out auto industry, banks or student loans will not save industries, only buy them time.)

13) Entire family also defaults on all other personal debts
(One foreclosure = 4 People defaulting - wife, kids, grandma - on all other debt obligations)

14) Greater public support for homeowner then banks
(Finally a program that can win both public & bi-partisan support quickly)

15) 'Two for one' deal: stabilize banks & real estate market for same $
(vs. only buying banks a few months of time as Pres. Bush's plan would do.)

ROOPA ends its list with these thoughts: "Secretary Paulson referred to homeowners as the 'root cause' of this economic crisis. Simply water the root and the rest blossoms naturally. We will have stabilized both markets (financial & real estate) for the same price as stowing away this first wave of foreclosures. The moral: Wall Street's value is but a reflection of 'Home Street's' value. Banks therefore get more by helping the home owner then by us helping banks. Today, that truth is revealed in unmistakable clarity. Continue to ignore our American family and our problems will only multiply," Raghu says.

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