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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

The mere word "vacation" may bring up thoughts of leisure a.k.a. unnecessary spending. But the folks at have done their research and can provide the best hotel deals in Argentina for travelers looking to extend their hard earned dollar's value in this time of economic uncertainty.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (PRWEB) October 8, 2008 -- With all of the constant reports about how expensive gas is, the falling and acquisitions of major financial institutions, and the weakening US dollar, it's tough to maintain a positive outlook on one's personal finances. It's well known that positivity and minimizing stress levels are a definite must in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy. And what's one of the best ways to achieve both of these? Getting away from it all and taking a much-needed vacation.

Iguazú Falls
Iguazú Falls

Argentina is most popular for its seductive dance, the Tango; for its Malbec wines; its mix of Spanish and Italian heritage evident in the country's cuisine and architecture; and more recently, for the strong US dollar to Argentine Peso exchange rate - which as of the date of this release was 3.17 ARS per US$1. All of these factors combined, make the 8- to 10-hour flight from most US cities to Buenos Aires worth the temporary in-flight claustrophobia. Flights should be purchased well in advance, however, as they can be pricey - the air fare itself can start at USD 499 but once taxes and other fees are factored in, the USD 1,000 mark is easily reached. The upside? Luxury lodging at 5-star hotels for a fraction of the expected rate and feasting on gourmet cuisines at fast-food prices.

For those who enjoy city life, a visit to the country's major metropolis, Buenos Aires, is in order. lists a number of plush Buenos Aires hotels catering to those in need of rest and relaxation while staying in touch with the cyber world. Below a small sample of Buenos Aires accommodations:

Hostería Meulen
From: USD 65
Complimentary: Internet service, shuttle services to the center of the city and to/from the airport, as well as a personalized American breakfast.

Claridge Hotel
From: USD 144
Complimentary: Internet service, parking.

Grand King Hotel
From: USD 69
Not complimentary but inexpensive: Wireless Internet is available in public areas and costs USD 3.00 per hour. Private parking with a reservation costs USD 7.00 per day.

Buenos Aires Wilton Hotel
From: USD 85
Complimentary: Internet service, breakfast buffet

In addition to the Buenos Aires Duty Free Shops that offer the best prices in fragrances, liquor and cigarettes, the street markets on Calle Once sell tons of local art, leather goods and furs, and antique treasures at prices that are barter worthy. And if your wallet strings aren't too tight, the Giorgio Armanis and Louis Vuittons amongst other high-end boutiques can be found on Calle Florida.

Those that are a little more nature loving and adventurous, are encouraged to check out Puerto Iguazú located at the border of Argentina and Brazil while also granting access to Paraguay. Iguazú Falls is one of the most popular attractions located a short distance from Iguazú hotels, allowing visitors to participate in water sports and rock climbing. Without a doubt one of the most awe-inspiring destinations one may ever visit. provides discount hotel reservations in a variety of hotels near Iguazú Falls. Hotels in three different price points below:

Los Troncos Apart Hotel
From: USD 98
Complimentary: transfer to/from airport.

Esturion Hotel and Lodge
From: USD 189
Complimentary: continental breakfast.

Iguazú Grand Hotel and Casino
From: USD 320
Complimentary: buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, transfer to Duty Free Shops in Buenos Aires.

One last great tip about vacationing in Argentina - the common percentage for tips is about 10% of the bill's total in bars and restaurants. Depending on your usual generosity, that's a 5-10% savings, based on US etiquette standards. However, diners will be tempted to over-tip the hospitable after consuming the delicious Argentine Criolla (typical Argentine cuisine) consisting of empanadas, tamales, and grilled steak, chicken, and pork to name a few.

So go ahead, spend a little cash (literally speaking) exploring the lovely country of Argentina. And learn to "budget" your time deciding which activity to participate in first, "cut back on" stressing about money, and "save" your sanity and that of those near and dear to you. Oh, and remember to bring your swimsuit and sunscreen - daytime highs are in the upper 80's to mid 90's from November through February.

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Burgesses Welcome Crackdown on Single Premium PPI

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

The news that the regulator is set to crackdown on the payment protection insurance (PPI) market is good news for the sector, for the wider financial services industry and most of all, the consumer.

Braintree, Essex (PRWEB) October 8, 2008 -- The news that the regulator is set to crackdown on the payment protection insurance (PPI) market is good news for the sector, for the wider financial services industry and most of all, the consumer.

Sara-Ann Burgess, MD Burgesses
Sara-Ann Burgess, MD Burgesses

So says Sara-Ann Burgess, managing director of protection insurance specialist Burgesses.

"Worldwide crisis in the credit markets and its knock on effect for banking and other financial services has brought it home to many people just how many people in the financial services industry have been treating their customers with contempt.

"Nowhere is this better exemplified that in the PPI market where poor performing products that generate massive commission fees have been pushed to unsuspecting customers."

Investigations into the PPI market have been ongoing for some time. However, the FSA declared this week it is to escalate intervention following poor findings from its thematic review. It highlighted the sale of single premium PPI sold alongside unsecured personal loans as being of particular concern and advised stopping the practice all together.

Loan protection policies sold by high street providers are up to 12 times more expensive than other more keenly and appropriately priced covers in the market.

"We have been arguing for some time that this product is unsuitable in nearly every scenario and should be scrapped. It is unsurprising that the FSA has now come round to our way of thinking, it is just disappointing that it has taken so long and left customers open to further exploitation by unscrupulous lenders," Burgess added.

The regulator is also to consider what action to take to deal with ongoing non-compliant sales practices and consider actions to identify and remedy non-compliant past sales, using a range of regulatory powers at its disposal.

Burgess said: "While stricter requirements in selling payment protection insurance would focus attention on the responsibilities that brokers hold to their clients, they must be introduced alongside a tighter line from the FSA over the frightening divergence in price that exists between the cheapest and most expensive products in the market.

"The FSA could regulate the products sold, take a much harder line on those found wanting, or stop credit providers selling only their own protection insurance. This would introduce greater competition and ensure a better deal for the customer."


35 Commercial Properties Throughout Ohio and Indiana to be Offered at October 28th Chartwell Group Real Estate Auction

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

35 commercial properties throughout Ohio & Indiana to be offered at October 28, Chartwell Group Real Estate auction at Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport Hotel. Property types include: hotels; former YMCA's & YWCA; an apartment building; an office building; a shopping center; 2 former bank branches & 3 business parks. Published reserve prices at 55% to 82% discounts from original pricing.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) October 8, 2008 -- Many Sellers and Buyers procrastinate until the 4th quarter of the year to decide whether to sell or buy commercial real estate assets. The October 28, 2008, 1:00 P.M. Chartwell Group Real Estate Auction has something for almost every type of investor or property owner who may have waited until the end of the Year 2008 to buy or sell. The auction offering will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Middleburg Hts., OH, at 7230 Engle Road, just south of Hopkins International Airport. Property Owners from the States of Georgia, Texas, New York, Michigan, & Ohio will be offering their assets.

The 34 Ohio Properties are located in the Northeast Ohio Counties of Cuyahoga, Summit, Medina, Lake, Lorain, & Ashtabula; North Central County of Richland (Mansfield); and the Southwest Ohio County of Wood (Suburban Cincinnati). The 35th Property is located in Northeast Indiana, Allen County, City of Ft. Wayne.

"Creating an Auction Venue this geographically diverse was important to our sellers who want to attract bidders and buyers from throughout the Midwest and the U.S.," said Mike Berland, Auctioneer with Chartwell Auctions. "The commercial property types being sold on October 28 include Hotels; an Apartment Building; Former Bank Branches; a Gas Station; Shopping Centers; an Office Building; Two Hotels; and a number of Business Park Land Sites. There is literally something for every type of Commercial Real Estate Buyer," said Berland. "Two of the properties are offered, Absolute and Regardless of Price and many others have Published Reserve Prices at 55% to 82% discounts from original pricing. A Published Reserve Price obligates the owners to sell that asset at any bid at or above the reserve number. The bidders know these are guaranteed sales."

Among the properties being offered are the following:
1.   162-176 Chestnut St., Painesville, OH, a 50,000 SF well-leased Commercial/Industrial Building with a Reserve Price of $250,000.
2.   1623 Mentor Ave., Painesville, OH, a 56,000 SF Shopping Center, originally priced at $2,000,000, now with a Reserve Price of $475,000.
3.   141 2nd St., Mansfield, OH, a 34-Unit Apartment Building with a Reserve Price of $375,000.
4.   220 State St., Conneaut, OH, a Gas Station in current operation with a Reserve Price of $435,000.
5.   3101 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH, a 100,000 SF 8-Story Office Building on the recently re-opened Euclid Corridor plus 200-Car Parking Garage with a Suggested Opening bid of $265,000 and built-in Seller-Financing.
6.   1121 Tower Blvd., Lorain, OH, a 43,000 SF former YMCA on 4.5 Acres, originally priced at $1,200,000, now with a Reserve Price of $150,000.
7.   265 Washington Ave., Elyria, OH, a 34,000 SF former YMCA on 1.63 Acres with a
Reserve Price of $150,000.
8.   13169 Smith Rd., Middleburg Hts., OH, a 21,000 SF former YWCA on 4.46 Acres, originally priced at $1,200,000, now with a Reserve Price of $300,000.
9.   229 Main St., Conneaut, OH, an 7,992 SF former Bank Branch, offered Absolute and Regardless of Price with a Suggested Opening Bid of $35,000.
10.   4148 Main St., Ashtabula, OH, an 8,295 SF former Bank Branch, offered Absolute and Regardless of Price with a Suggested Opening Bid of $60,000.
11.   92 31st Street, Barberton, OH, a 20,000 SF Commercial Building on 3.33 Acres with a Reserve price of $475,000.
12.   3527 W. Coliseum Blvd., Ft. Wayne, Indiana, a former 120-Room Howard Johnson Hotel with a Reserve Price of $495,000.
13.   3484 Hanley Rd., Perrysburg (Toledo), OH, the 83-Room Vista Hotel in current operation with a Suggested Opening Bid of $685,000.
14.   Northwest Commerce Center at Hamilton Ave. & Northwest Drive, Springfield (Suburban Cincinnati), OH, a 46-Acre Site, Zoned Light Industrial, with a Reserve Price of $650,000.
15.   Beacon Marshall Development Office, Commercial & Business Parks in Three Locations, all with Reserve Price Discounts from 60% to 70%.
A.    Beacon West Commerce Park, Westlake, Cuyahoga County, OH at Bradley & Clemens Roads. Seven Land Sites from 1.698-Acres to 10.605-Acres.
B.   Beacon Timberlake Commerce Park, Richfield, Summit County, OH at Brecksville Road, ½ mile North of Wheatley Road & I-271. Seven Land Sites from 3.010-Acres to 7.959-Acres.
C.   Beacon South Commerce Park and Foreign Trade Zone, Seville, Medina County, OH on Route 3 (Wooster Pike), ¼ mile south of Exit 2 of I-76. Five Land Sites from 1.855-Acres to 9.320-Acres. The 6th Site is 25.729-Acres just North & West of the Beacon South Park and has over 2,800 Feet of Frontage on Interstates 71 & 76. The 7th Site is 14.660Acres on Wooster Pike about 3 miles North of I-76 near Poe Road.

For a free color brochure on the October 28th, Real Estate Auction with terms of sale, on-site inspection dates and times, and locations of all properties call Chartwell Auctions and Chartwell Group at 216-360-0009. Who wants to pay retail when they can buy real estate on a wholesale basis at real estate auction?

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