Browsing Category: "Financial Press Release" Introduces Green Cents Blogger Linda Daly and Welcomes Back Jane Dough

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Financial Press Release announces the addition of two new bloggers. Linda Daly will be blogging about living green and being socially responsible, and Jane Dough makes her return to Daily Cents where she will once again share tips on personal finance.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 --, a daily e-mail service, blog, and website that delivers punchy information to help the multi-tasking woman, announces the addition of Green Cents, a timely blog about how women can live a greener life without complete sacrifice and how being charitable and socially responsible increases the humanity of both the recipients and the contributors. In addition, Daily Cents is also pleased to welcome back Jane Dough, our own personal finance expert.

Linda Daly is a firm believer that any party worth its salt should benefit a charity. Otherwise what's the point? AND, if a charity does not have a party then she's going to do her best to make sure people know about the good work that's being done. She and her friends have their own charity, Vintage Hollywood that holds an annual food and wine event for charities in Southern California. When she's not out on a personal crusade to raise awareness and funds for nonprofits worldwide, she lives as "greenly" as possible in Los Angeles with her two kids, two dogs, two fish, horses, goats, sheep donkeys and chickens.

Jane Dough, the doyenne of personal finance, joins as a twice-weekly blogger -- and considering the state of our economy, not a moment too soon. Jane will help explain what's happening on the financial frontier and -- more importantly -- how those events will impact us personally. Jane plans to write on headline issues like the current mortgage meltdown, $4-a-gallon gasoline and the credit crunch as well as fundamentals close to women's pocketbooks such as savings, funding educations, retirement and debt.

"The addition of Linda Daly and the return of Jane Dough to our editorial staff is another effort on our part to bring the most relevant and useful information to our readers," said Brian McMahon, President and CEO of Daily Cents. "We want to provide fun, helpful, practical information for our audience, and we are committed to building a recognized team of experts to ensure it."

About is a free daily e-mail service that gives women information about workplace success, balancing family and work, personal finance, health issues, and beauty.

Daily Cents' mission is to arm women with the tools and knowledge to find more fulfillment in their careers, families, and personal lives. This unique online destination is a place where women of all ages and lifestyles can learn about and discuss relevant issues -- and have a laugh.


Clear One Debt Relief Launches Innovative Question & Answer Feature on

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

ClearOne's new tool provides a question & answer database for consumers.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- ClearOne Debt Relief, a foremost debt settlement company focusing on superior product knowledge and customer service while offering the leading options in debt management, debt settlement, and debt resolution, announces that is has launched a new Question & Answers Knowledge Base section of their website at

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"We strive to educate our customers as the Debt Settlement industry is fairly young. Our website has the ability to answer any questions a customer may have about Debt Settlement. This addition to our website allows customers to search for questions they may have and even submit questions not found on the site. Our customer service team responds immediately and our customer's benefit," said Tomas Gordon, CEO.

"Because there are so many confusing options for consumers on handling their debt, we realize that doing research and becoming educated on how debt settlement works is a must" explains Gordon. He continues by saying, "ClearOne Debt Relief strives to provide service of the highest standards, and to ensure the public and credit industry's confidence in our products and company. Educated consumers are happy consumers, so we like to provide a clear path for them."

ClearOne's Knowledge Base is broken into three main Categories:
How it Works
About ClearOne Debt Relief
Other Debt Options

The Knowledge Base allows questions to be asked anonymously, and a debt professional can then reply to customer concerns.

About ClearOne Debt Relief is a full-service debt management company providing debt settlement services such as credit card debt relief to hundreds of thousands of customers. Through superior product knowledge and attentive customer service, ClearOne offers the leading options in debt management. We recognize that each individual client has individual financial needs, and we work with each person to specifically tailor a program to meet those needs.

ClearOne was incorporated as a privately held company in 2006; all of its shares are currently held by officers and employees. ClearOne Debt Relief is headquartered in Columbia, MD.


Geezeo Pushes Social Finance Further with First-ever Friend and Feed Tools : Mixing Money and Friends Can be a Fun Way to Stack More Cash

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

BOSTON (Business Wire EON/PRWEB ) May 21, 2008 --
Few experts would recommend dieting or overcoming a bad habit without a
solid support structure of friends and family. So why should
self-improvement centered on personal finance be any different? In fact,
judging by user success at Geezeo (
collaborating with friends on how to budget hard-earned money can
actually lead to better decision-making. Today, to make it even easier
to encourage the involvement of friends and peers in getting your
financial house in order, Geezeo has introduced its new "Feed"
and "Friend" features.

Geezeo's Feed allows you to selectively share financial events, both
good and bad, with the broader Geezeo community. Opened a new credit
card in order to buy a hot pair of shoes? Let your network see it, and
give you words of encouragement you need to get back on the financial
wagon. Resisted the long weekend in Vegas to pay down a student loan?
Share your story of financial will power to get some positive

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In addition to its Feed, Geezeo introduced the Friend feature to give
users with similar financial goals an easier way to track each others
successes and failures. Groups of users tracking their finances can have
fun tracking their friends' spending habits.

"As the term social finance
implies, Geezeo is at its best when we give users the tools they need to
interact with each other, explains Peter
Glyman, Geezeo co-founder. "The Friend and Feed features are a natural
extension of the Geezeo-based friendships that rose organically through
our Goals and Groups features. Geezeos Feed
and Friend features provide yet another level of sharing, discussion and
transparency into consumer spending, vendor pricing and financial

Shawn Ward, Geezeo co-founder, added, Geezeo
has a wide variety of tools for managing and monitoring financial
accounts, from Tags to Confessions to Mobile. But what sets us apart
from others is our firm belief that social finance is not about free
online tools, but about the sharing of financial goals and insights
across a like-minded community."

As with all information accessed and posted via Geezeo, the Friend and
Feed features are highly secure, with users in complete control of what
they display in their Feed and share with their Friends.

"We're excited to see how Geezeo users maximize these new features,"
adds Ward. "Many Geezeo users have picked up budgeting tips and
money-saving strategies that they wouldnt
have found elsewhere. After all, its not what
you know but who you know that often matters most."

About Geezeo

Geezeo ( is a
social finance company that combines free, easy-to-use online personal
finance tools with the power of social networking to provide the
resources, information and motivation consumers need to achieve their
financial goals. Geezeo was the first social finance site to offer users
text message access to all of their account balances and to aggregate
all of a customers financial data on to a
single platform. In April 2008, Geezeo became a member of
network of sites.