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Geezeo Pushes Social Finance Further with First-ever Friend and Feed Tools : Mixing Money and Friends Can be a Fun Way to Stack More Cash

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

BOSTON (Business Wire EON/PRWEB ) May 21, 2008 --
Few experts would recommend dieting or overcoming a bad habit without a
solid support structure of friends and family. So why should
self-improvement centered on personal finance be any different? In fact,
judging by user success at Geezeo (
collaborating with friends on how to budget hard-earned money can
actually lead to better decision-making. Today, to make it even easier
to encourage the involvement of friends and peers in getting your
financial house in order, Geezeo has introduced its new "Feed"
and "Friend" features.

Geezeo's Feed allows you to selectively share financial events, both
good and bad, with the broader Geezeo community. Opened a new credit
card in order to buy a hot pair of shoes? Let your network see it, and
give you words of encouragement you need to get back on the financial
wagon. Resisted the long weekend in Vegas to pay down a student loan?
Share your story of financial will power to get some positive

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In addition to its Feed, Geezeo introduced the Friend feature to give
users with similar financial goals an easier way to track each others
successes and failures. Groups of users tracking their finances can have
fun tracking their friends' spending habits.

"As the term social finance
implies, Geezeo is at its best when we give users the tools they need to
interact with each other, explains Peter
Glyman, Geezeo co-founder. "The Friend and Feed features are a natural
extension of the Geezeo-based friendships that rose organically through
our Goals and Groups features. Geezeos Feed
and Friend features provide yet another level of sharing, discussion and
transparency into consumer spending, vendor pricing and financial

Shawn Ward, Geezeo co-founder, added, Geezeo
has a wide variety of tools for managing and monitoring financial
accounts, from Tags to Confessions to Mobile. But what sets us apart
from others is our firm belief that social finance is not about free
online tools, but about the sharing of financial goals and insights
across a like-minded community."

As with all information accessed and posted via Geezeo, the Friend and
Feed features are highly secure, with users in complete control of what
they display in their Feed and share with their Friends.

"We're excited to see how Geezeo users maximize these new features,"
adds Ward. "Many Geezeo users have picked up budgeting tips and
money-saving strategies that they wouldnt
have found elsewhere. After all, its not what
you know but who you know that often matters most."

About Geezeo

Geezeo ( is a
social finance company that combines free, easy-to-use online personal
finance tools with the power of social networking to provide the
resources, information and motivation consumers need to achieve their
financial goals. Geezeo was the first social finance site to offer users
text message access to all of their account balances and to aggregate
all of a customers financial data on to a
single platform. In April 2008, Geezeo became a member of
network of sites.


Premier Savings Helps Ease “Credit Crunch” on Consumers

Thursday, May 29th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

It is no secret that tighter credit standards have impacted all sectors of the economy. Premier Nationwide Corporation, d.b.a. Premier Savings (, announced a new program last week aimed at "helping consumers weather the credit crunch."

(PRWEB) May 20, 2008 -- It is no secret that tighter credit standards have impacted all sectors of the economy. Premier Nationwide Corporation, d.b.a. Premier Savings, announced a new program last week aimed at "helping consumers weather the credit crunch."

In a statement to the press, Eric Synstad, President of Premier Savings, announced that Premier Savings had secured relationships with top lenders that are committed to helping Premier's clients keep their homes. "At a time when most lenders are running scared, Premier's partners are able to cut through the red tape and give homeowners a glimpse of hope", says a client who wished to remain anonymous. has developed an outstanding reputation in the financial community with its Rapid Debt Reduction Program. As part of a suit of services included with the program, Premier Savings closely monitors the activities in the consumer lending industry and informs consumers about lenders that may provide more reasonable rates on debt they are carrying. It is through those relationships that Premier Savings is able to provide these additional resources to their clients.
Eric Synstad explains, "Rapid debt reduction is about helping consumers understand how the credit system works and how unscrupulous lenders manipulate it. Debt negotiation companies attempt to negotiate their clients out of debt, often at the expense of their credit ranking. We help consumers pay their debt. Our customers are average people, with families, who are often too busy to plan properly and shop for financing alternatives. We help consumers in ways that their accountants and lawyers don't, we help them set and maintain a budget."

The Rapid Debt Reduction program boasts a high success rate in helping consumers eliminate their debt. "It is about letting consumers know that they have options…." says Synstad.

For more information on any of programs that Premier Savings offers, call 1-800-208-1914 or visit

Media Contact:
Eric Synstad


Cyber-Begging to Pay the IRS

Thursday, May 29th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

The idea of cyber-begging isn't new, with the earliest reported cases dating back to 1998. People all over the web are asking for money to finance their divorces, their extravagant desires or, perhaps more worthy, family health crises.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 20, 2008 -- Eric Sargent of is emphatic when he says his site is different from the other cyber-begging sites on the web these days.

"We aren't trying to raise money to pay for cosmetic surgery or to buy a sports car. We just want to get this monkey off our back and get on with our lives," says Sargent.

The monkey he refers to is the over $40,000 debt he and his wife, Andrea, owe to the IRS because of a simple (and as they call it, "stupid") mistake they made on their tax returns four years ago.

The mistake occurred when they removed money from a profit sharing plan to finance asbestos cleanup in their home and to finance their move to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"We paid the penalty, but neglected to pay the taxes. We thought they were one in the same," Sargent explains. "We certainly didn't attempt or intend to defraud the government."

Regardless of their intent, it's time to pay the taxman and the family doesn't have the money to do so. Although both are employed, they claim they don't make enough to afford the sizeable installment payments the IRS would require.

So, like many others before them, the Sargents decided to launch a website asking friends and strangers alike to help them out. Less than one week into the launch, they've received over 200 hits and just under $200 in donations.

"We've even had hits internationally, in Israel, Spain and Canada," says Sargent. But we're still about $43,800 shy of our goal," he laughs.

When asked if he truly believes that his site is going to work when many others have failed, Eric Sargent seems determined.

"I believe in the generosity of people," he says. "I would give a dollar to someone in this situation if I could. I'm just asking people to do the same. It can't hurt to ask."