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Economic Stimulus Check Spending: Tips on How to Use your Government Funds Effectively

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Providers of CareOne Credit Counseling Services offer some helpful, timely advice on how to effectively spend the money from your Economic Stimulus checks. The article also provides a simple explanation for how the Stimulus Package is intended to help the U.S. economy.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) May 19, 2008 -- CareOne Providers Share Free Tips on Getting the Most Out of Economic Stimulus Checks

Economic stimulus checks rolled out in early May to US consumers. Providers of CareOne Credit Counseling Services are offering free advice on spending and using that extra money, showing families and individuals how to get the most value and biggest benefits to them.

Many eligible US consumers have received, or will be receiving, economic stimulus checks from the government for amounts starting at $300. The concept of the economic stimulus checks is simple. Amidst the recent credit crunch, buying on credit has slowed down and less money is being exchanged in the marketplace. By giving money to consumers who will then spend it on various goods and services, the government hopes to increase the country's overall spending and consumption rates. Furthermore, because every dollar handed out by the government will be spent a countless number of times by various consumers, the effect of that one dollar is multiplied and has an even greater impact on economic growth.

For example, if a consumer receives a $1,000 economic stimulus check and spends it on clothing for the family, that $1,000 has now been introduced into the economy. In addition, these funds now represent new revenue for the retailer who sold the clothes. This cycle continues as portions of this money are spent on goods and services for the business itself. The store owner will also use a percentage of this $1,000 to pay his or her employees who, in turn, will spend a portion of their paycheck elsewhere, making further contributions to our economic growth.

CareOne Service providers want to help consumers better understand the economic stimulus package, enabling them to make more informed decisions on how to use their stimulus checks.

"Some consumers will receive their economic stimulus check and be tempted to go on a shopping spree," says CareOne Credit Counseling Services Spokesperson Clarky Davis. "Maybe they've wanted to buy a big screen television, make a down payment towards a new car, or even to take a vacation, but they didn't have the opportunity before receiving their stimulus check. On the surface, any spending would be good for the economy. Consumers should think about what's best for them. There are ways to use that extra money which could save or make them more money overall, help them get out of debt, or better prepare for their future."

CareOne Agencies offer the following ideas for using the funds from economic stimulus checks:
1. Use the money to pay down credit cards or other interest-bearing debts. Paying more now means saving more in interest payments, which can accumulate quickly.
2. Place all, or a portion, of the money into an interest-earning account or tax-saving account. By setting aside funds in this way for things like a child's future education, retirement, a new car or home, consumers can earn extra money on the deposit and save on income-tax payments.
3. Consider setting aside a part of the check exclusively for emergency expenses. This allows credit card spending to be avoided if a sudden need arises (such as car repairs).

"While politicians are hoping the economic stimulus package will improve the economy in the short run, consumers can use that money in whatever way benefits them the most, knowing they can still improve the economy in the long haul," says Davis. "By paying down credit cards or other bills, consumers keep that added interest payment amount in their own pockets to be spent later. By putting money into a retirement account, consumers are ensuring their ability to spend and bolster the economy in the future. By saving for a child's college education, that child has a better chance of securing a higher-paying job by getting their degree, leading to them spending more in the course of their lifetime. These 'little' choices now help the consumers in the moment and have the potential to help the economy on a grander scale."

About CareOne Credit Counseling Services:
CareOne Credit Counseling Services is a service mark of 3C Incorporated and is an industry leader committed to providing consumers with education and debt management services related to improving and maintaining their financial health. CareOne providers have helped over 4.5 million people pay down debts through their solid relationships with over 220,000 creditors. For more information about CareOne Credit Counseling Services, please visit, or contact Clarky Davis at (410) 925-9769.

Clarky Davis
CareOne Credit Counseling Services
8930 Stanford Blvd.
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Phone: (410) 925-9769


It’s Not You Darling, It’s Your Money

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Financial security and independence really does buy freedom for Brits according to a survey from Kaupthing Edge, the online retail financial services offering of Iceland's largest bank, Kaupthing and its UK subsidiary, Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander.

(PRWEB) May 18, 2008 -- Over 955,000 Britons would leave their partner if financially independent.

  • Almost a third (29%) would leave their jobs if they had enough money.
  • A nation on the move, (41%) of people would travel the world with financially security.

Financial security and independence really does buy freedom for Brits, according to a survey from Kaupthing Edge, the online retail financial services offering of Iceland's largest bank, Kaupthing and its UK subsidiary, Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander.

Nearly a third of Britons state they are reliant on their partner or spouse for financial security (30%), but it seems that not all these relationships are based on love. Over 955,000 Brits would leave their partner if they were financially secure for life. Love appeared to falter in the older age group with 346,000 Brits saying they would leave their partner compared to only 135,000 of 18-34 year olds.

Britons are certainly a society on the move with (41%) of people saying they would travel the world and a further (29%) leaving their job if they had financial security. Nearly a third of men (28%) believe the grass is greener in another country and would move abroad compared to less than a fifth (18%) of women.

However our dreams of financial security are a far cry from reality. Of those Britons who do have money left over at the end of each month, (53%) do not maximise their savings and leave their money languishing in a low interest account rather than transferring to a high interest savings account.

Ashley Whittaker, Head of Retail Savings at Kaupthing Edge comments: "And while it doesn't really matter what people want to do with financial freedom it is crucial to take a closer look at your finances. Kaupthing Edge currently offers instant access to your savings at a competitive rate of 6.5% AER and rate guarantee of 0.3% above base rate until 2012."

The account is available in the UK at: Please see for Kaupthing Edge across Europe.

Key product details:

Instant Access Savings Account

  • 6.5% AER
  • Rate guaranteed to be min 0.3% above base rate until 1ST February 2012
  • Min balance: £1,000
  • Max balance: £1 million (across all accounts)
  • No tie ins or charges
  • 24-hour online access

Fixed Term Deposit Accounts

  • 6 month term account: 6.8% AER
  • 12 month term account: 6.86% AER
  • 36 month term account: 6.70% AER
  • 24-hour online access
  • Min balance: £5,000

About Kaupthing Bank
Kaupthing Bank offers comprehensive commercial and investment banking services to individuals, companies and institutional investors. The Bank's key markets are Iceland, Denmark and the United Kingdom. The Bank focuses on the growth and development of its international activities and is a leading investment bank in northern Europe.

Kaupthing Bank operates in thirteen countries with its headquarters located in Reykjavík. The Bank's main subsidiaries are FIH Erhvervsbank in Denmark, Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander in the United Kingdom, Kaupthing Bank Sverige in Sweden, Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg, Kaupthing Bank Oyj in Finland, Norvestia Oyj in Finland, Kaupthing New York, Kaupthing Asset Management in Switzerland and Kaupthing Norge in Norway. The Bank also has activities in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Qatar. Kaupthing Bank employs c. 3,000 at Kaupthing Bank and its subsidiaries.

About Kaupthing in the UK
Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander Limited offers integrated financial services to companies, institutional investors and individuals. These services include Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Treasury, Asset Finance and comprehensive wealth management for Private Banking clients.

Kaupthing Edge is the trading name of Kaupthing Bank hf, Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander Limited's online retail financial services offering and has been launched to complement the Bank's existing portfolio of products and services across its geographic markets.

About the research:
The research was undertaken by Opinium Research LLP on behalf of Kaupthing Edge. Research was based on a survey of 2002 GB adults between 22nd and 25th January 2008. All information weighted to nationally representative criteria.

For further information about Kaupthing Edge Savings Product: please contact Lansons Communications

Billie Clarricoats
0044 207 294 3688 or 00 44 (0) 7970408411

Anna Schirmer:      
00 44 207 294 3605 or 00 44 (0) 7765567842


Dallas Real Estate Company Offers Mortgage Relief

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

"Boulevard Real Estate" of Dallas, Texas facilitates home buyers flexible financing. With Dallas mortgage companies closing their doors on flexible financing for residential real estate, Boulevard Real Estate, a Dallas Real Estate Company, has finally found a way out.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 19, 2008 -- After months of suffering by potential home buyers, Boulevard Real Estate, a Dallas Real Estate Company, finally brings a new solution offering relief to potential real estate buyers. As their real estate company is located in Dallas, Texas, their new subprime packages cover the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Dallas Real Estate
Dallas Real Estate

Now a person shopping for a home can obtain a 100% mortgage with credit scores as little as 550. In addition, their rates are fixed rates and are currently in the 5-6% range depending on their scores.

With these programs available, virtually anyone shopping for a home in or around the Dallas, Texas area is now able to beat the obstacles that were presented by real estate and mortgage companies. These Dallas real estate programs are government backed and are only available to those who can qualify. Now here are the highlights and main qualifying criteria:

- Minimum credit mid score 550
- Up to $271,000.00
- 30 Year Loan
- This is a Fixed Rate Program
- Rates start at 5.5%
- 100% Financing
- No down payment
- No out of pocket closing costs
- Allowed one 30 day late 12 months or one 90 day late 24 months
- Medical bills / medical collections don't count against the buyer.
- Maximum Debt to income ratio is 43%

In addition, these programs do not limit the buyer to any listings and they cover any Dallas real estate for sale. So, whether the property is listed by a bank, investor, Realtor or by owner, this program covers it all.

"Boulevard Real Estate" will begin approving buyers starting June 1, 2008.

For additional information on this program please, contact Crissy Elizondo at 972.999.1333 or visit Boulevard Real Estate of Dallas

About Boulevard Real Estate Company:
Boulevard Real Estate is a Dallas, Texas Real Estate Company that was founded in 2003 with offices conveniently located in the North Dallas area.

Crissy Elizondo, Director of Marketing
Boulevard Real Estate   
Dallas real estate