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Bhupinder S Sood CPA Announces Personalized Debt Personal Finances Counseling to Individuals and Businesses

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Business Wire EON/PRWEB ) May 13, 2008 --
PERSONAL LINE TO THE CPA is a new service offered to
individuals/businesses to get through this tough financial climate.
Small businesses and individuals sometimes do not know who to turn to
for good, honest advice.

I would like to offer true help,
said Bhupinder S Sood CPA.

Bhupinder S Sood CPA went through major financial overhaul and would
like to offer his experience to others in similar situations. He
promises to take a professional approach to your problem and come up
with a solution. As a truly, unique service 24/7, clients should expect
to receive a response within 24 hours.

PERSONAL LINE TO THE CPA is a new service to financially distressed
Individuals/businesses; quick turnaround, Bhupinder S Sood CPA provides
services to handle individual/business problems.


H.R.Harmer and Archives International Auction Historic American Bank Note Company Archive of Banknotes, Stocks, Bonds and Security Printing Ephemera

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

NEW YORK (Business Wire EON/PRWEB ) May 13, 2008 --
H.R.Harmer, Inc. and Archives International, LLC announce the
auction of historic worldwide banknotes, stocks and bonds, unique essay
banknotes, U.S. Treasury Bonds and security printing ephemera from the American
Bank Note Company
archives. Included are hundreds of famous
companies' stocks and bonds, most never offered at auction before, as
well as hundreds of rare worldwide banknotes.

Our dynamic global business system has generated millions of tangible
historic relics of our business and financial past. Many of these
items were kept for a certain amount of time by the interested company
or government and then were usually disposed of, destroyed or placed in
some government or institutionally controlled archive never to see the
light of day again. Something that may have been very common at one
time has now become extremely scarce if not unique. Dr.
Robert Schwartz
, President of Archives International, "I have
been working on this portion of the American Bank Note Archives for
close to three years. It does not seem possible that there could be any
surprises left, but each day reveals more and more historic and
exciting pieces of our business and financial past that fortunately have
been preserved in some format in the archives of American Bank Note
Again, we are honored and thrilled to be able to
offer to the collecting community an opportunity to share in the
excitement and discovery of further American Bank Note material from
these fabled archives."

News Image
There are over 2,770 lots of material in this sale. Included are over
1,100 lots of rare stocks and bonds. Categories include railroads,
entertainment, sports, zoos, banking and other topics.

There are close to 1,300 lots of U.S.
and Worldwide
proof, specimen and issued banknotes
in this auction including
many rarities seen for the first time. Some of the high lights include:

Extremely Rare 500,000 Pound Stlg, 1917, Issued and Uncancelled Russian
Government Treasury Bill

4th Liberty Loan $1,000
Issued Bond, Possibly Unique

240+ lots of Proof, Specimen and Essay Banknotes
from China

75+ lots of Haiti and Dominican
Republic Banknote
Production Material

23 Unique Laos
Essay color Trial banknotes

Extremely rare Texas Proof Sheet of 4 from the Commercial
and Agricultural Bank

75+ lots of Mexico
Proof and
including many rarities

More then 50 lots from a new find of Perkins, Bacon Proofs
of Australia
and New
Zealand Bills of Exchange
, Drafts, Checks and Fiscal Paper

60 lots of Canada
, Stock
and bond Proofs
, Specimens and Archival Production Material

50+ lots of Philippines
Essay Specimen and Proof Banknotes

40+ lots of Russian
Proofs, Specimens and Issued Banknotes

For more information on this auction visit WWW.ABNHARMERAUCTIONS.COM
. This is a live auction that offers phone bidding; agent bidding; left
bids by mail, Fax and internet; live real time internet bidding with
eBay Live; and, by bidding in person. This sale will also be available
on eBay Live
for viewing and bidding. The entire auction is also posted on
with photos of all lots and additional bidding information.

The auction will take place at H.R.Harmer,
., in Bethel, Connecticut on June 2,3 & 4, 2008. Dr. Robert
Schwartz, President of Archives
International, LLC
has been active in the fields of numismatics
and philatelics for over 20 years and is actively buying, selling and
consulting in the fields of historical documents, paper money, stocks
and bonds, stamps and security printing ephemera.



New ‘Credit Card Popularity’ Tool Offered by WOW! Credit Helps Consumers Choose the Best Offers

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

A unique new tool offered by WOW! Credit allows visitors to evaluate credit cards and assists them in the decision-making process. The 'Credit Card Popularity Tracker' displays 'popularity scores' next to every offer based upon click-thru data from other visitors.

(PRWEB) May 13, 2008 -- WOW! Credit is pleased to announce the introduction of the 'Credit Card Popularity Tracker' - an innovative new tool designed to help consumers evaluate and compare credit cards. The Credit Card Popularity Tracker allows visitors to determine which credit cards are the most popular by using click-based 'credit card popularity scores', which are displayed next to every credit card offer on WOW! Credit (see image below). By accessing data provided by previous customers, the tool allows visitors to determine the most popular credit cards based upon prior user behavior and preferences - giving them confidence in their decision-making ability and making it easier for them to choose the best credit card offers.

Credit Card Popularity Tracker
Credit Card Popularity Tracker

A team of developers created the 'Credit Card Popularity Tracker' earlier this year, which tracks clicks to every credit card on WOW! Credit When a visitor is interested in an offer and clicks on the associated credit card application, the click-thru data is stored and used to calculate the credit card's popularity score, which is displayed in 'real-time' throughout the site. Although the Popularity Tracker does not account for completed or approved applications, it does allow visitors to see which credit card offers received the most interest based upon click-thrus.

"No other website provides such a unique and innovative way to evaluate credit cards," said Noreen Ruth, President and CEO of WOW! Credit "With hundreds of credit cards to choose from, consumers can easily get overwhelmed when trying to choose an offer. Our Credit Card Popularity Tracker can assist in the process and allows visitors to base part of their decision on the behavior of other customers."

WOW! Credit is a top online resource for credit cards and credit-related information. Developed in 2005, the site offers a wide range of helpful tools including calculators, articles and credit card comparison charts. WOW! Credit provides online credit card applications from a variety of credit card issuers and features: low APR, 0% interest and reward credit cards such as cash back, airline miles and gasoline rebates. The site also includes credit cards for businesses, students and consumers with bad credit.

Coming Soon: Credit card reviews, in-depth analysis and customer feedback on hundreds of different credit card offers.