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Increased Demand For Traded Endowment Policies Broadens Range Of Companies Being Used

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

Last month, online trading platform saw offers being made on policies from over 40 different Life Funds. In the past this would have been unusual behaviour but as more and more people are investing in endowment policies and selling endowments, this is becoming common practice.

Blackwater, UK (PRWEB) May 14, 2008 -- Last month, online trading platform saw offers being made on policies from over 40 different Life Funds. In the past this would have been unusual behaviour but as more and more people are investing in endowment policies and selling endowments, this is becoming common practice. The increase in demand amongst those buying policies means that people are now using in a wider range of Life Companies than they were before.

Traditionally, people are used to seeing traded endowment policies being bought from the big players such as Norwich Union, Prudential and Standard Life. However, the recent changes in the market have seen the likes of the Life Association of Scotland, National Farmers Mutual and Eagle Star now receiving offers for policies. This is great news for the smaller and less known companies because previously they have had low investment demand.

Jo Bridger, head of marketing at has said, "With the majority of traded policies going into large funds, there is both increased demand and a need for diversification. The funds are achieving this by including the smaller and weaker life funds amongst their portfolios."

There has been plenty of speculation and research into why the demand for endowment policies has continued to increase recently. One of the possibilities is the fact that investors in continental Europe have a strong desire to seek out low risk investments that can provide capital growth. They are particularly drawn to the UK which has a strong with -- profits sector and traded endowment policy growth opportunities.

The rise in the number of people buying and selling endowments has finally given smaller companies the chance they need to be seen and heard in a competitive market. Under normal circumstances this would be virtually impossible as people tend to stick to companies they have heard of because they feel safer investing their money in them.

This is also a step forward for those who are looking into selling endowments as the market is so good at the moment. Jo Bridger has said, "This is great news for policy holders who need to sell their endowments and now is a good time for advisers to talk to their clients about selling." It is even possible for advisers to get a range of quotes from endowment buyers and trade policies or free at IFA trading platform was established in 2000 and has since gone on to become the leading IFA trading platform for traded endowment policies. Their parent company is PolicyPlus International Plc which has also enjoyed much success. The company is a leading market maker, Queen's Award Winner and is widely recognised throughout the industry.

For further information regarding, traded endowment policies and selling endowments contact Head of Marketing, Jo Bridger on 01225 473117 or visit


International Investors Let MTM Global Financial Services Allow You to Take Advantage of a Weak US Dollar with US Real Estate or the US Stock Market

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

MTM Global Financial Services is a leader in global asset protection and the group is renowned for its experience with the US real estate and US stock markets. The group correctly called the US real estate disaster, and the fall of the US Stock Markets. MTM Global Financial services is now offering real estate & stock market consulting services to off shore investors who want to take advantage of bargains in the US economy. MTM Global Financial Services specializes in working with off shore investors who demand discretion and confidentiality.

(PRWEB) May 14, 2008 -- MTM Global Financial Services is a world leader in global asset protection and investment advice. According to the groups President, "because of a weak US dollar and devalued US real estate, now would be an excellent time for the savvy off shore investor to buy bulk US real estate from distressed US home builders or banks. An opportunity like this may not come along for a long time. The amazing thing is that a cash type investor can actually buy a home, or a bundle of brand new homes and realize positive cash flow as well as future appreciation". The groups web site is located at Http://MTMGlobalFinancialServices.Com . Their direct US telephone number is 602-696-8615

MTM Global Financial Services tailor suits confidential financial plans that allow domestic or international clients to own the American dream. The groups President has vast experience running US real estate portfolios, and the group can work with any client to achieve their US real estate or stock market objectives.

MTM Global Financial Services unique financial programs include:

  • Negotiating directly with US home builders or banks for a dramatically discounted purchase price for US residential real estate, provided the purchaser can pay all cash. MTM Global Financial Services will set up the infrastructure for the off shore investor to pay cash for single or bulk residential real estate, they will manage the property, or portfolio of properties, and they will arrange for seamless accounting systems while the properties are managed in portfolios. According to MTM Global Financial Services President, "if an off shore investor has cash, we can show them how to make a significant investment in a real estate asset that will grow in the future". MTM Global Financial Services web site is located at Http://MTMGlobalFinancialServices.Com
  • MTM Global Financial Services can also acquire vacant land for future US residential subdivisions and land bank the property until development is economically feasible. (land banking may include creating a positive cash flow mobile home park, or other possible ways to create positive cash flow on vacant land).
  • MTM Global Financial Services can also assist off shore investors with their stock portfolios by giving instant advice as to what US stocks to be in, or what US stocks not to be in. As an example MTM Global Financial Services expects at least three more crushing quarters for US banks, US Investment Bankers and US Home Builders. At the same time the group is strongly encouraging investors to invest in oil or gas related sectors, given increasing global demand. MTM Global Financial Services is also very knowledgeable about off shore banking, and tax free havens around the world.
  • MTM Global Financial Services works on a retainer basis, all client information is confidential and the group is 100% loyal to its customers.
  • An investor can trust MTM Global Financial Services. According to the President of MTM Global Financial Services, "you can not trust a US bank, a US stock brokerage firm or investment banker to be honest, because they really on care about taking your money. On the other hand we want long term relationships with our clients, we will achieve our clients objectives, and at all times our clients will enjoy complete anonymity".

MTM Global Financial Services welcomes the opportunity to assist any sophisticated global investor or investors with its consulting services. A potential client can call the group anytime at 602-696-8615 (US) or visit their web site at Http://MTMGlobalFinancialServices.Com . There is no service like MTM Global Financial various investment programs in the world.