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Presidential Poll Shows People Considering Bankruptcy Leaning Toward Obama

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

A new poll conducted by shows Barak Obama is favored by individuals seeking bankruptcy protection. Conducted in September, the poll questioned over 1200 people who visited and completed a free bankruptcy evaluation form. Respondents provided their opinions on 16 separate questions on topics ranging from the Economy to the War on Terror.

(PRWEB) October 9, 2008 -- conducted a presidential poll to see how people facing financial difficulties feel about the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. The results mirrored the national polls that show Democrat Barak Obama with a slight lead. Full poll results are available on the website.

Almost 75 percent of respondents said that the 2008 presidential election was very important to them. Over 80 percent said that they were very likely to vote.

Visitors to are provided with helpful information about personal bankruptcy, debt consolidation and rebuilding credit. Recent turmoil in the credit markets has brought economic issues to the foreground of the presidential race and was curious how its users would vote.

Obama was the choice of 48.17 percent of the over 1,200 respondents when asked witch of the candidates was best equipped to handle the economy. That compares to Republican candidate John McCain, who was favored by only 21.39 percent.

The results mirror polls that show Obama pulling ahead of McCain in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan. McCain though is still holding slight leads in polls conducted in Indiana and Missouri. National polls have the pair close to even.

Obama was also the choice of 50.74 percent of respondents as the better candidate to handle health-care issues, the only time one of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the response, compared to 21.39 percent for McCain. A medical crisis can be one of the leading causes for families to file bankruptcy.

McCain led his Democratic opponent in one category of the poll. Results show that respondents felt that the Republican was the more experienced candidate.

More information about the poll is available on the Web site. Full Results of the Poll are available on the Presidential Poll Results page.

More about is a nationally focused website that helps people seeking information about how to file bankruptcy and what to do when they are overwhelmed with debt. The site connects users with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in their area. The bankruptcy lawyer will provide individuals with a free consultation and advise them of the best course of action tailored to their individual case.


Trusted Organization Gets Timely Website Update

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

X Out Foreclosure, a company that helps people who are facing foreclosure, is pleased to announce the launch of its revised Web site (

Carrollton, Texas (PRWEB) October 9, 2008 -- Many consumers are feeling the pinch in today's tough economic climate, and many are facing the loss of financial portfolios, jobs, and even their homes. Today, foreclosures number in the hundreds of thousands.

The massive number of people facing foreclosures is the result of several factors, including aggressive lending tactics, attractive interest rates, and a booming economy, followed by increasing interest rates and a stagnant economy. The result has been devastating. In fact, one leading foreclosure site estimates that there are over 2 million foreclosure-related or foreclosure-mitigated homes for sale.

"It is devastating to people," says David Clinger, CEO of X Out Foreclosure. "Hard working, honest families are suddenly facing a foreclosure situation. Their entire lives go from 'normal' to 'turmoil' in just a few missed mortgage payments. And that's what X Out Foreclosure is all about: helping people who have found themselves in a foreclosure situation. And to make that happen more effectively, we've revised our website to make it simpler to use and to give people more information."

X Out Foreclosure has been in business since 1986, helping people who have found themselves facing foreclosure. Over the past 2 decades, they've developed a highly qualified staff who have honed their skills and who understand the many foreclosure mitigation options available to them. But in today's marketplace, a company needs to have a web presence that effectively communicates its message to consumers and helps them to find solutions to their problems.

That is exactly what the new site does. Mr. Clinger explains, "There are lots of options for people who are facing foreclosure - it's not a journey that leads inevitably to one conclusion," he says. Then he counts some of the ways he's helped people in the past: "There's loan modification, forbearance agreements, short sales, deeds-in-lieu… I could go on and on. That's what the new site is designed to do: inform people quickly, show them that they have options, and help them to contact us so we can get the ball rolling."

X Out Foreclosure's website,, uses a simple structure so that users can find the information they're looking for quickly. "Time is of the essence in a pre-foreclosure," says Mr. Clinger and the faster people can get up to speed and realize that we're available to help them, the sooner we can get to work to solve their problem."

Along with the simple site structure and easy-to-understand content is a sweepstakes offer for a $1000 draw just for contacting them. And, there are many ways for homeowners to contact an X Out Foreclosure representative for a confidential consultation.

For more information, visit their new website at or call an X Out Foreclosure representative at 1-800-708-7869.


Consumers Must Turn to PPI for Financial Bail Out

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Financial Press Release

It might be easy for banks to get a financial bail out from the Government when they fall on hard times, but it won't be so easy for consumers to do the same, warns PPI lobbyist Sara-Ann Burgess from Burgesses.

Braintree, Essex (PRWEB) October 9, 2008 -- It might be easy for banks to get a financial bail out from the Government when they fall on hard times, but it won't be so easy for consumers to do the same, warns PPI lobbyist Sara-Ann Burgess from Burgesses.

Sara-Ann Burgess, MD Burgesses
Sara-Ann Burgess, MD Burgesses

Sara-Ann's comments follow news that RBS, Barclays and Lloyds TSB met Chancellor Alistair Darling this week to discuss "fundraising" or rescue plan proposals. She queries: "It's all very well being able to secure billions of pounds of extra funding from the Government during these recession-hit times, but will customers struggling to meet their debts secure the same financial lifelines?"

With the UK economy already in recession and predictions that unemployment could rise by 350,000 next year and top the two million mark, consumers are being urged to guarantee their own financial bail out via Payment Protection Insurance.

Sara-Ann continues: "No other insurance product offers a financial lifeline in the same way. It will pay out should you lose your job, become sick or have an accident, and meet your monthly debts for up to a year. There are a wide range of providers offering PPI and it's acknowledged that the most competitive premiums can be sourced via independent firms where costs are often 10 x cheaper for loan protection, four times for mortgage and five times for income."

Standalone provider British Insurance offers cover that's been awarded five stars by specialist researchers and is sourced using A-rated insurers. Prices for loan, mortgage and income protection start at £3.40 per £100 of unemployment cover and £3.90 for accident, sickness and unemployment.

Sara-Ann concludes: "Every day we're hearing that share prices are falling, profits are slumping and job losses are looming. Already this week LSUK has announced 680 redundancies, Focus DIY 750 and Accenture 400 and the British Chamber of Commerce tells us confidence has collapsed in the manufacturing and service sectors.

"The economic slump will continue to spiral out of control and whilst no one should sell their products through fear, the statistics are compelling. Everyone's job is at risk and consumers need a self-help financial package to support them should something happen to interrupt their income. The Government and banks won't bail them out, so they should turn to independent PPI providers."